We Specialize in the following Equipment Repairs, Service and onsite Breakdowns :

Industratech has acquired a unique skillset over the years and is able to assist companies with on site breakdowns, repair and maintenance of all electronic equipment in any industry nationwide. Industratech specializes in Textiles but has experience in the following Industries.

Aviation   Marine   Printing   Packaging   Moulding   Food   Medical   Pharmeceutical   Automotive   Petro-Chemical

  1. BARCO ( Monitoring Systems )
  2. Picanol ( PWRG, CPU, SMPS, KISG, etc.)
  3. Dornier ( Air Jet Weaving Looms )
  4. TsudaKoma ( Servo Pack, PS2, PS3, ELO, INV, etc.)
  5. Dinema, Lonati ( Circular Knitting )
  6. Mec-Mor ( Circular Knitting )
  7. STOLL ( Flat Bed Knitting )
  8. PROTTI ( Flat Bed Knitting )
  9. THEN ( Jet Dying )
  10. Sclavos ( Jet Dying )
  1. Sangiacomo ( Circular Knitting )
  2. Muller Martini Printing and Collating
  3. HeidelBerg Printing
  4. Polar Guilotine
  5. Wholenberg Guilotine
  6. Sulzer
  7. Starlinger
  8. SOLNA Printing
  9. Van Wyk
  10. Sedo Treepoint
HMI LCD Displays Replaced with New.
  1. TechnoTrans HMI’s
  2. Microcut HMI’s
  3. Muller Martini HMI’s
  4. Siemans HMI’s
  1. Tsudakoma Weaving Looms
  2. BARCO Sedomat PLC’s and Controllers
  3. Mec-Mor HMI’s
  4. LCD’s in all major HMI and machine manufacturers replaced with new.
Variable Speed Drives Serviced and Repaired.
  1. ABB
  2. Omron
  3. Eurotherm Controls
  4. Yasakawa
  5. Lenze
  6. Mitsubishi
  7. SEW
  8. General Electric
  9. Reliance Electric
  1. Saftronics
  2. Siemens
  3. Telemecanique
  4. Typact
  5. Control Technology
  6. Control Techniques
  7. Danfoss
  8. EMHeater ( South African Agents )
  9. TECO
Electronic Design

Industratech has a dedicated design department that can assist any individual or company to produce electronic and mechanical designs from concept through to prototype and then onto production. Industratech has assisted many companies with projects in Industry aswell as individuals wanting to realise their dreams of building a machine no one has attempted yet. Please take a look below at some of the interesting projects we have taken on.

  1. Solar Power Airship for a Trans-Atlantic Crossing
  2. Industratech PLC
  3. Edge Guide Systems
  4. Dedicated PLC Cards
  5. Level Sensors
  6. IOT Systems
  7. Android applications
  8. Remote Output modules
  9. BLDC Drives
  1. Solar Installations 10KW and up
  2. Micro Wind generators
  3. Wind Turbines
  4. Industry Tension Control Systems
  5. SEDO Automatic Chemical Dispencing System
  6. SEDO Automation Panels
  7. Conversion PCB’s
  8. Remote Operated Stadium Lighting Controllers
  9. PCB Artwork and Prototype Manufacture
Industrial Equipment Repairs

Industratech Specializes in Industrial Equipment repair, maintenance and service. We offer another option to new parts shipped in from OEM Manufacturers. If you have a machine or piece of equipment no matter how old or its function and it suffers a breakdown. Industratech’s team of Specialized Engineers can help solve this problem before new parts are bought from the agents or manufacturers. This will be a far quicker and more cost effective option. There is no machine to big or to old that cannot be repaired. Give Industratech a call on your next repair and see how our expertise, quality guaranteed service and price compares to your current solution.

Onsite Breakdowns

Industratech offers a service of On Site Breakdowns. This means Industratech has field service Engineers that will come to you when there is a problem in your factory, warehouse, wherever or whatever machine needs to be repaired or diagnosed for incorrect running or not running at all.

Industratech is based in Durban but has customers country wide as well as Internationally. If you are not happy with the speed and expertise of your current service provider give us a call and we will be happy to assist with all our work gauranteed and cost effective.