DS Series Programmable + Fieldbus 36VAC 4Arms DIN Mount Micro Stepper Drive


NB: Minimum order quantity is 2 units and if a smaller quantity is required please contact sales@industratech.co.za for your prices.

Selection of: Modbus-RTU fieldbus and communication interface RS485 or Modbus-RTU fieldbus and communication interface RS232 or Modbus-RTU fieldbus and communication interface USB

  • Power Supply Voltage: From 18Vac up to 36Vac
  • Phase Current: From 1Arms up to 4Arms in increments of 0.1Arms
  • Control Mode: Fieldbus and/or internal user program (development by free tool UDP Commander)
  • Performance:Up to 3000rpm with 1/128 of step resolution
  • Function Blocks: Assignment, Jump and subroutine call, conditional and unconditional, Wait for Event, Math 32bit, Logical operations (OR, AND, XOR, and SHIFT) Waiting
  • User Variables:Freely declarable with 1byte, 2byte, 3byte and 4byte size.
  • Special Features:Reading and Writing of user variables via fieldbus, High-speed counter also usable for Encoder, Quote captures on the transition of one or more inputs, Timer, Automatic current reduction
  • Digital Inputs: 4 optoisolated: DI0, DI1, DI2, DI3 freely usable, Operating from 3V up to 28V at constant current, Each one NPN, PNP or Line Drive compatible
  • Digital Outputs: 2 optoisolated: FAULT, Operating up to 30V 50mA, Each one NPN or PNP compatible.
  • Analog Inputs:2 converted to 11bit: AI0, AI1, Operating from -10V up to 10V, Also usable as digital inputs.
  • Analog Outputs:1 converted to 10bit: AO0, Operating from 0V up to 10V, Current up to 10mA
  • Protections, Alarms and Diagnostics:Over and under voltage, thermal, Phase Motor interrupted,short circuit phase to phase, phase to ground, phase-supply, Univocal indication for each anomaly
  • Connections:By functional removable terminal block. Section of cable up to AWG14
  • Size:100(H) x 35(L) x 119(W) mm


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