DP Series Unregulated Power Supply with braking resistor control IN:24..68Vac OUT:35..100Vdc 16A

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NB: Minimum order quantity is 2 units and if a smaller quantity is required please contact sales@industratech.co.za for your prices.

  • Input voltage: From 24Vac up to 68Vac single phase or three phase
  • Output Voltage: Da 35Vdc a 100Vdc
  • Output Current: 16Arms with three phase input
    8Arms with single phase input
  • Braking Resistor Threshold Voltage: Adjustable from 50Vdc up to 100Vdc
  • Connections: By functional removable terminal block. Section of cable up to AWG14
  • Size: 100(H) x 35(L) x 119(W) mm


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